About Us

We are a family owned and operated business.  We have been manufacturing precision skate sharpening machines and Quik Action skate clamps for over 40 years.

E-Z Sharp skate sharpeners are designed and manufactured for years of reliable service. We build quality into every product we make.  All machines and equipment are made in the U.S.A.

A proven performer, the E-Z Sharp skate sharpening machines have been performance tested through years of service with pro teams, arenas, sporting goods stores, professional ice shows, high schools, and colleges and universities.

E-Z Sharp has a reputation for outstanding service and reliability.

Mission Statement

Our mission as a quality manufacturer of skate sharpening equipment and supplies, is to maintain the highest level of professional standards in both the manufacturing of our products and the after sales service to our customers.

We take great pride in our products and in the customers we serve.

Signs of Quality

E-Z Sharp Features: Facts:
Advanced Design Compact, portable and totally enclosed.  All supplies, including Quik Action Skate Clamp can be locked in the machine.
True Radius Dressing System E-Z Sharp’s True Radius Wheel Dressing System eliminates the guess work out of selecting the proper wheel radius (skate blade hollow).
Smooth Table Top The smoothest glide-a precision machined, nickel plated table top, greatly reduces surface friction and is easy to keep clean by simply using car wax and a rag.
Adjustable Wheel Guard The adjustable wheel guard follows the grinding wheel as it wears, allowing for maximum wheel usage.
Quik Action Skate Clamp Just set it and forget it- it’s that easy!  The E-Z Sharp Quik Action Skate Clamp is hailed as the quickest and most accurate skate clamp available.
Precision Balanced Spindle Our High Performance Spindle (HPS) is mounted directly on the motor shaft and machined so the spindle and motor shaft run true.
High Performance E-Z Sharp Skate Sharpening Machines are famous for their outstanding performance in high volume skate sharpening environments such as arenas, sporting good stores, and skating and hockey clubs throughout the country.
Precison Manufacturing All parts are  manufactured and machined to absolute tolerances.
Industry Standards E-Z Sharp’s High Performance Spindle (HPS) is designed to comply with industry standards for grinding wheel (hole size and fit), eliminating the need to reduce the size of the grinding wheel hole through the use of bushings.


Safety First E-Z Sharp’s Safety Wheel Guard allows only 10% of the grinding wheel to be exposed.  Unlike other machines which dangerously expose up to 50% of the grinding wheel.
Tough E-Z Sharp Skate Sharpening Machines have been designed and manufactured to withstand the relentless punishment of pro-team use.
Easy Carrying Large, vinyl cushion-ease handles for easy carrying.
Portability Just unplug the machine and take it with you.  compact enough to carry in cars, vans or trucks.
Maintenance Free E-Z Sharp Skate Sharpening Machines are maintenance free.  The precision high performance motor has sealed bearings which need no oiling.
Quality Control Each machine goes through continuous testing during assembly and a final operating test prior to delivery to the customer.
American Made E-Z Sharp is proud of its American heritage and the quality it represents.
Durability E-Z Sharp Skate Sharpening Machines have been used in arenas and sporting goods store for over 50 years.  Sharpening 100’s of thousands of skates with unfailing reliability.
Value No other skate sharpener can match the quality, durability, performance, and value of an E-Z Sharp Skate Sharpener.
Research E-Z Sharp’s continuing research provides it customers with the best value in professional quality skate sharpening equipment and supplies.
Reputation Performance tested through years of service with pro teams, arenas, sporting goods stores, professional ice shows, high schools, colleges and universities has earned E-Z Sharp a reputation for outstanding service and reliability.  E-Z Sharp’s reputation says it all!!