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We stock and maintain a large inventory of the finest in skate sharpening equipment & supplies, designed and manufactured for all makes of skate sharpening machines.  If you don’t see what you need, “Ask for it!”

Skate Sharpening Supplies:

7″ Precision Balanced Wheels (pink, gray, white) $33.25
8″ Precision Balanced Wheels (pink, gray, white) $32.25
7" and 8" E-Z Sharp Wheels


Your choice of 3 premium abrasives, pink, gray, or white.  E-Z Sharp skate sharpening  wheels provide exceptional value.  Longer lasting, cooler cutting, less wheel dressing and excellent form holding characteristics, insuring a consistent true radius (hollow grind), durable, razor sharp edges, and a satin smooth finish that will satisfy your most discriminating customer.


8″ wheels:  8″ x 5/16″ x 1 1/14″

7″ wheels: 7″ x 5/16″ x 1 1/4″

Note:  Bushings are provided at no charge with wheels purchases for use on machines which have a spindle smaller than 1/4″.  If you don’t see the wheel size or color for your machine, “Ask for it!”

E-Z Sharp 5/16″ Diamond Dressing Tools $30.00
Custom Radius (HEX) $31.00
Blackstone (HEX) $31.00
Dupliskate $31.00


E-Z Sharp diamond dressing tools are high quality dressing tools that are special ordered and hand inspected before shipping to our customers. Note:  We can custom make diamond dressing tools for most makes and models of machines.


E-Z Sharp Special Products:

HDI (Hollow Depth Indicator) Blade Level  $249.95
hdi -front


The HDI measures edges and depth of hollow.  Great tool that gives users accuracy and peace of mind.  Super E-Z to train on and employee friendly.  Insures square edges on all sharpenings.

E-Z Sharp Stick Wax $5.00

DAS_1220The ultimate finish -a blend of selected waxes and special resins developed especially for skate sharpening.  Put the ultimate finish on your final pass.


Hand Hones

Standard, Medium, Large Hand HonesOur India oilstones are made of the highest quality materials and are unequaled for long sharpening life, maintenance of shape, and smooth cut.


Standard Flat $7.75
Medium Wedge $8.75
Large Wedge $10.75


E-Z Glide Pads $5.00

E-Z Sharp Glide Pad for Clamp
Replacement pads for skate clamp bases.  Peel off backing for easy application.  Trim to fit.


Start Kit: (For First Time Buyers Only)  $160.00
A convenient and economical way to try an assortment of precision balanced grinding wheels.  This kit gives you the advantage of knowing which wheel works best in your skate sharpening environment.  Included in the starter kit:  3 wheels (of choice), 2 quality diamond dressing tools, 1 E-Z Sharp Wax Stick, 1 E-Z Glide Pad, 1 hand hone (of choice).

E-Z Sharp Equipment:

E-Z Sharp Skate Sharpening Machine Stand  $200.00

E-Z Sharp Machine Stand with adjustable leg



Attractive, durable, and functional – this sturdy metal stand, with a storage shelf, provides a proper height for sharpening skates.  It is solid and has an adjustable foot for leveling.  A safe option to set your skate sharpening machine.




E-Z Sharp Dust Collection Vent  $200.00

Dust Collection Vent (2.5" hose)



A must for all machines (comes with the Deluxe).  This dust collection vent is designed to help control skate sharpening dust and providing a clean environment. Connects to your dust collection system.  Sturdy, all metal construction.  Fits any 2 1/2″ shop vac hose.


E-Z Sharp Portable Cover $210.00



Attractive, sturdy, metal locking cover. Comes with the Portable Model, but can also be added to your existing   E-Z Sharp machine.




Skate ClampE-Z Sharp Quik Action Skate Clamp  $375.00
E-Z Sharp Clamp Customized $425.00
Skate sharpening made easy, the E-Z Sharp Quik Action Skate Clamp simplifies skate sharpening with its quick action mounting system.  Skates are fastened in seconds with unfailing accuracy.  Built to the specifications of your machine.
Note:  The E-Z Sharp Quik Action Skate Clamp can be designed and manufactured for all types of skate sharpening machines, e.g., BladeMaster.